CIJENA: 8.690,00 EUR + PDV


High volume e-foil board perfect for learning and heavier riders.

The SiFly Easy Rider is our best boards for beginners in the sport and e-foil schools . Its large volume of 170l ensures enough buoyancy for riders of up to 140kg to float comfortably when stationary without submerging the board. This allows for early planing and pop up and takes the stress off of learners, knowing they can stay on the board regardless of what they do. The shape of the Easy Rider has undergone several iterations and hours of testing until it met our high expectations. Even though it is voluminous, it still feels fairly manoeuvrable under your feet, while its bottom design guarantees perfect control while coasting on the water or by accidental touch downs when foiling. 

Rider weight range: 60 - 140 kg

Weight: 15 kg / 30 lbs
Dimensions (LxW): 190 x 78 cm
Board length: 6’3“ 
Volume: 170 Liters
Speed : up to 45 km/h 
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 44.8 Ah / 58.8V / 30 km range
Material: Carbon fibre and fibreglass composite board with a light EPS core
Battery life:120 min
Charging time: 2.5 h